10,000 acres of Lower Deschutes now in wildlife area



A portion of the Lower Deschutes River Ranch, which has become public land to be maintained as a wildlife area by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Photo by The Trust for Public Land

October 2015 – It’s official: There are now 10,000 more acres to hunt and view wildlife at the Lower Deschutes Wildlife Area. Hunt for deer, elk, pheasant, quail, chukar and huns and view sheep, eagles, passerines, Lewis’ woodpecker, and Sagebrush lizard. Or take a hike from trails out of Oak Canyon, Beavertail, and Ferry Canyon.

In September, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife acquired more than 10,000 acres to add to a wildlife area on the lower Deschutes River.

The state agency will purchase the land, a former ranch, from the Trust for Public Land at a cost of $3 million. It will add to an existing 8,500-acre wildlife area on the river.

The Trust for Public Land (TPL) collaborated with ODFW to complete this project and help create 25,000 acres of contiguous wildlife habitat and public access on the west side of the Deschutes River, and deliver a new State Wildlife Area to Oregonians. This is also a special property for having the easternmost remnant stand of oak woodlands left in Oregon and other key Oregon Conservation Strategy habitats.

The Trust for Public Land put together a nice PowerPoint presentation of the project which you can find here.

Below is a graphic from a February 2015 article on the project from The Bend Bulletin: