April 24, 2017: Land Camp pics, Legislative updates, and lots more news 



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Monday April 24th, 2017

Some serious and solemn land trusters the other week during the Northwest Land Camp.
Check out more boring photos here.

Hi everyone,

With 10-days out of the office and all that was waiting when I got back, it’s been a few weeks since the last Monday e-news. Not surprisingly, there’s a bit to catch up on, so let’s get going:

Land Camp

  • As you can see from the pic above, there were some happy campers at Land Camp this year. Thanks to everyone who came, sponsored, presented, and helped out; especially to all the staff and volunteers who made it happen. It was a great event!
  • Over the next week, we’ll post materials from the sessions on the Northwest Land Camp website, so keep checking back
  • We have a photo album here you can enjoy.
  • Finally, if you attended Land Camp but have yet to fill out the survey, here’s friendly reminder to help us make Land Camp better with the survey.

Oregon Agricultural Heritage Program

  • On April 4th, there was a public hearing for HB 3249 (OAHP) before the House Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee. Many thanks to everyone who testified for the bill!
  • It passed out of the Committee with a 7-2 vote and has been referred to the Ways & Means Committee.
  • The next steps are to urge the Ways & Means Chairs, Sen. Devlin and Rep. Nathanson, to assign OAHP to the Joint Ways and Means Subcommittee on Natural Resources (JWMNR).
  • Now is a crucial time to engage with legislators and raise their awareness about OAHP.
    • Demonstrating public support will alert legislators to prioritize OAHP from the numerous bills that are swept away in the mid session current.
  • If you would like to highlight the OAHP in your newsletters and conduct your own outreach, we are happy to provide you with talking points.
    • We greatly appreciate your efforts to maintain OAHP’s momentum through this legislative session.

Restoring Recreational Immunity

  • Good news about SB 327, the bill that would restore immunity for public and private landowners (and their “agents”) who open their land to some measure of public access; see this two-pager if you need a bit more information.
  • SB 327 passed unanimously out of the Senate on April 11th; it is now on to the House.
  • COLT continues to be involved in the broad coalition pushing for this bill forward.

Upcoming COLT board meetings

  • Finally, here are the dates for the three remaining COLT board meetings this year:
    • June 1st in Yamhill County
    • September 14th and 15th at Bald Hill Farm in Corvallis
    • December 1st in Portland
  • If you are are on the board, we’ll send out calendar invites this week for your conveniences

Ok, that’s about it for now. Onward towards the rest of the news below.

All the best,

Mike Running
Communication and Outreach Manager
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Recent goings-on for COLT

(L to R) Oregon Cattlemen’s Association President John O’Keeffe with Wallowa County farmers Joe Dawson and Woody Wolfe after testifying for OAHP.
Kelley Beamer with COLT testifying before the Committee in support of OAHP. Kelley spoke on behalf of the entire OAHP workgroup. You can see her presentation here.
Board and staff from COLT, TNC, NCLC, Sustainable Northwest, and others met with Representative Suzanne Bonamici on a host of conservation matters. It was a good conversation, and we are glad to have the Congresswoman’s support.
Connie Best from the Pacific Forest Trust came up from San Francisco to speak at our first Conservation Law Forum for 2017 last week on working forest conservation easements. We also had a visit by Rep. Earl Blumenauer.
Kelley Beamer and Representative Earl Blumenauer. We were very pleased the Congressman stopped by our law forum last week to speak on the importance of the upcoming 2018 Farm Bill for conservation. He encouraged land trusts to be part of the conversation to ensure the key conservation programs (like ACEP and RCPP) continue in the next Farm Bill. His office is leading a statewide conversation, in which COLT is actively involved.

Oregon Land Trust News

Joe Moll, with McKenzie River Trust, walks through the former site of the Finn Rock Logging camp, which was operational from the 1940’s to the 1980’s. MRT recently announced their Homewaters Campaign to expand on their conservation work around Finn Rock Reach.  (Brian Davies/The Register-Guard)

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Upcoming events:

  • May 1-2: OCEAN’s CONNECT Conference
    • Watershed councils, SWCDs, land trusts and agencies converge in Pendleton for this year’s CONNECT 2017 conference

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McKenzie River Trust’s video announcing their Homewaters Campaign.


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