Editorial: More good news for Whychus Creek

The Bend Bulletin – Published Apr 16, 2015

Lovers of Whychus Creek and those who are working to restore steelhead runs to it got a bit of good news the other day. The Deschutes Land Trust recently upped its holdings along the creek, meaning further restoration of the land adjacent to it.

Restoration of the land is, of course, critical to restoration of the creek as a spawning ground for steelhead, an ocean-going rainbow trout. With its 58-acre purchase of the Aspen Hollow Preserve, the land trust owns nearly 1,000 acres of land along the creek and manages an even larger conservation easement along it.

Restoration won’t happen overnight, and the creek is unlikely to immediately become the major steelhead spawning ground it once was. But the land trust’s latest acquisition will help ensure that the fish do return to a healthy spawning ground sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, the land trust’s core commitment to work with willing landowners remains firm. That, too, is good for the region.