February 3, 2015 – weekly land trust news

Hi everyone,

Now that our successful January board meeting is behind us (see the photos!), we can focus on what is coming our way here in the land trust community.

First of all, we would like to call everyone’s attention to a new grant program from LTA and COLT: 2015 OREGON LAND TRUST STRATEGIC ADVOCACY GRANTS PROGRAM. This new program is designed to provide matching funds to advance advocacy efforts of members of COLT. For instance, help with hosting an event for your county commissioners, presenting your state representative with a beautiful framed photo in thanks for her work, etc. The grants will be awarded on a competitive basis.

The grant applications are due by February 27th, and will be awarded by March 9th. We are finalizing the application and program guidelines, and will send them out to everyone in the next day or so.

Until then, please find below some of the news that came across our radar screen this week.


Upcoming grants, deadlines, and events

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