Steps to Join COLT

COLT is made up of its non-profit member land trusts who work within Oregon on private, voluntary conservation.

The basic requirement for becoming an organizational member is to submit a board resolution stating your organization’s qualifications, which COLT’s board will then review. One of the primary requirements is that our members adopt and abide by LTA’s standards and practices. These are 12 best-practice standards for non-profit management for land trusts.

For a sample board resolution, and for more information, please contact COLT.

Here are the relevant sections from COLT’s Bylaws on potential new members:

3.2.1. Qualifications for admission of Organizational Members are the following:
(a) Existing as a nonprofit land trust organization registered to do business in the State of Oregon and recognized as a public charity organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code;
(b) Having the conservation of private land in Oregon through willing-donor or seller/willing-donee or buyer transactions as all or part of its mission; and
(c) Having adopted, and having agreed to abide by, the Land Trust Alliance’s standards and practices.

3.2.2. Procedures for admission of Organizational Members are the following:
(a) The submission of a resolution by the nonprofit land trust organization that is seeking admission as an Organizational Member, confirming its desire to become an Organizational Member, its qualifications for membership, and its endorsement of the charter or strategic plan of the Corporation as an Organizational Member; and
(b) Acceptance of the application for admission by the board of directors of the Corporation.