LNCT Welcomes Addition to Sitka Wetlands

Manzanita, OR, 16, July, 2015Sitka-Wetlands-final-pic-1024x681

Lower Nehalem Community Trust (LNCT) has added just over 5 acres of high priority wetlands to its now 24-acre Sitka Wetlands complex along the North Edge of Nehalem Bay. This wetland area is important as a wildlife corridor and for helping to protect water quality in the bay. Placing this land into conservation represents a great step forward for LNCT, for the ecosystem, and for the community.

The state of Oregon now has only 38 percent of its historical wetlands still intact, most having been drained for human use. Yet these crucial areas are so important to the both the natural world and us. Wetlands are often called “the kidneys of the landscape” because of their unique role in keeping whole ecosystems healthy. So when the LNCT was presented with the opportunity to place just over 5 acres of healthy, functioning wetland into conservation, we were excited and honored to do so.

Landowners Bob and Ruth Simpson generously offered the land to the Trust at a bargain sale price, and the land will now be managed as part of the Trust’s Sitka Wetlands complex. This newly acquired property was identified as an area of importance in the Trust’s efforts to preserve the wetlands along the north edge of Nehalem Bay, which serves as an elk migration corridor, as well as habitat for numerous birds and amphibians.

The preservation of the property helps protect the water quality of Nehalem Bay as well as protecting the wildlife corridor from Nehalem Bay State Park to Alder Creek Farm. This wetland can be seen on the west side of Tohl Road in Bayside Gardens.

For more information on LNCT’s Sitka Wetland complex and this new addition, visit: nehalemtrust.org/land-conservation/sitka-wetlands Or email Nancy Chase.