Oregon’s craft brewers tackle water, forest issues

Portland Business Journal – Apr 21, 2015

 – Digital Managing Editor-Portland Business Journal

The nonprofit conservation group Oregon Wild is taking its message to the state’s beer lovers.

The group has launched the Oregon Brewshed Alliance, partnership with some big-name Oregon brewers that looks to “safeguard our clean water, sustain our economy and maintain a thriving brewing industry.”

The list of supporting brewers includes Widmer Bros., Migration Brewing, Hopworks Urban Brewery and Fort George Brewery.

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Oregon Wild describes the group’s mission this way:

“Here in Oregon we enjoy recreation on pristine wildlands and impeccable craft brews – sometimes both simultaneously. But without protected watersheds and clean water, neither the wild landscapes nor the hoppy, malty beverages we enjoy could thrive.

“Beer is over 90 percent water after all, and that water is a product of the land it flows through, so our Northwest microbrews are intimately connected with our Northwest land.”

Essentially, the group will advocate for the protection of forests and watersheds. Expect a series of pint nights along with special brews and beer fests to mark the new group.