COLT’s Pro Bono Legal Service Program for Member Land Trusts

Conservation Law Forum participants

COLT’s pro bono legal service program provides no cost legal services to member land trusts for the purpose of creating and enforcing conservation easements and other property interests that achieve the goals of conserving natural, scenic, and open space values, as well as agriculture, forest and recreation resources throughout Oregon. These legal services could range from a one-hour consultation on an enforcement issue to the drafting of an entire easement. No cost legal advice will also be provided on policy issues related to these conservation goals.

COLT maintains a referral list of attorneys willing and able to provide these legal services. COLT will also provide malpractice insurance for pro bono attorneys. It should be understood that the volunteer attorneys may need to limit the scope or duration of the pro bono legal advice they provide. A member land trust seeking pro bono assistance should fill out the Pro Bono Legal Services Request Form. For more information on how to use the Pro Bono Program please see this Guide.

The pro bono legal services program will also provide legal training regarding conservation easements and other land transaction for lawyers and land trusts in various Oregon locations. In addition, we offer guidance documents and legal resources available in our online library.

The pro bono program also organizes three Oregon Conservation Law Forums each year, offering continuing legal education credits for attorneys.

The COLT pro bono program was created and is managed by Program Coordinator Nancy Duhnkrack and law fellow Chris Fryefield.

To request help from a pro bono attorney please click on the form below: