September 8, 2015- weekly land trust news


The mouth of Sand Lake is visible from Whalen Island, located north of Pacific City and the site of a Sept. 10 On the Land easy loop hike to be led by biologist and NCLC Executive Director Katie Voelke. Photo by Bonnie Henderson

COLT’s weekly land trust news

September 8th, 2015

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Hope you had a good, long weekend.

Two things before this week’s news and information:

Last week, COLT sent out an email inviting members and partners to sign on to a letter we are sending to Oregon’s Congressional delegation urging swift reauthorization of LWCF before the end of the month. If you’d like to add your name and organization to the letter, please let me know as soon as possible. We hope to send the letter off tomorrow (Wednesday).

Second, Kelley sent an email out last week to COLT members regarding an update to Oregon’s Natural Heritage Plan. Here it is again for those who may not of seen it:
“I want to alert the COLT community to a unique opportunity to be included in the update of Oregon’s Natural Areas Plan for 2015. Jimmy Kagen with the Institute for Natural Resources, is leading this update and would like to include more the private natural area preserves held by land trusts.  The new iteration will include the North Coast Land Conservancy and Columbia Land Trust, along with The Wetlands Conservancy and TNC, since they all have preserves or lands listed in the plan. Jimmy would like to know if there are other COLT members who might like to have their land trusts included in the plan. If a site is mentioned, he will include a write-up on the organization.  If no sites from a land trust are mentioned, but organizations want to be included in the document with basic contact information and area of interest, he is open to that as well.  Please follow up directly with Jimmy:”

Finally, don’t forget to mark your calendars: the next COLT board meeting will be November 5th and 6th in Portland. We’ll hold a reception for members, partners, and friends on the evening of November 5th. Looking forward to it already.

Have a great week,


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