Action Alert: Tell your Legislators to Fund the Oregon Agricultural Heritage Program!

Help secure critical funding for agricultural and ranch land conservation

The end of the legislative session is approaching and it’s more important than ever to reach out to your legislators and tell them to fund the Oregon Agricultural Heritage Program (OAHP)! This bipartisan program helps farmers and ranchers protect their land while keeping it in production, supports rural communities, and helps Oregon leverage unprecedented federal funding.

In the first grant cycle, OAHP protected more than 12,400 acres of working land across Oregon. The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) requested $10.8 million in grant and administrative funding for the 2023-2025 biennium, but that funding was not included in the Governor’s budget.

Contact your legislator today and ask them to support this program in conversations with Ways and Means Co-Chairs Elizabeth Steiner and Tawna Sanchez.

Here’s how to advocate for OAHP

  1. Enter your address here to find your Senator and Representatives
  2. Send them an email or letter (check for their email here) asking them to support OAHP funding ($10.8M for 2023-2025) in conversations with Ways and Means Co-Chairs about the budget

Draft Email Template: OAHP Action Alert 

Subject Line: Fund the Oregon Agricultural Heritage Program!
To: Your Senator or Representative

Dear Senator/Representative XX,

I am writing to ask you to prioritize $10.8 million in funding for the Oregon Agricultural Heritage Program (OAHP) for the 2023-2025 biennium.

OAHP is a bipartisan program that helps farmers and ranchers protect their land, keep it in production, and enhance its natural resource values. In 2022, the OAHP granted its first funds, protecting more than 12,400 acres of working land across the state.

I am asking that you advocate for $10.8 million in funding for the biennium when you are talking with Representative Sanchez/Senator Steiner (change depending on if you are reaching out to your Senator or Representative) about final agency budget priorities.

Thank you for supporting working lands in Oregon!

Sincerely, Your name and organization.

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Karsyn Kendrick

Karsyn Kendrick

Karsyn is COLT's Conservation Program Manager.

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