Tribute: Barry Lopez

Photo by Tom and Pat Leeson.

Thank you, Barry Lopez

We hope 2021 is off to a good start. In case you missed it, we do have some sad news from the end of December. Barry Lopez, a nationally recognized naturalist and author (who lived near Eugene), passed away on Christmas day.

Lopez created award-winning books and essays and devoted his life to storytelling and our inherent connection to the land. Lopez gave a keynote speech at the Land Trust Alliance’s Rally conference in 2013 and praised the work of land trusts, saying, “You’re warriors. You’re facing up to what most of us want to avoid. You’re looking after the fate of people you’ve never met.” Lopez was involved with his local land trust, McKenzie River Trust. You can watch his “Upstream” talk with Joe Moll of the McKenzie River Trust, here. And we encourage you to learn more about Barry Lopez and his books.


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