Connecting the Space Between

Gorge Towns to Trails Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust Columbia River Gorge   Over pints of dark beer, Kevin Gorman unfurls a well-loved map of the Columbia Gorge and, with a paperclip, traces the green protected areas. It’s the spaces between the green he’s interested in. As executive director of Friends of the  Continue Reading »

Town-To-Town Trekking Vision For Columbia River Gorge Inches Forward

By TOM BANSE of the Northwest Public Radio Hut-to-hut or village-to-village trekking is a popular vacation pursuit in regions as diverse as Europe, New Zealand, the Himalayas and Vietnam. It’s not much heard of in the U.S. Now some hikers, businesses and nonprofits are promoting a vision of walking holidays right here in the Northwest – in  Continue Reading »

Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust releases great new video

March 20th – The Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust, in support of their Gorge to Trails program, recently released a great video showcasing trails to their Mosier Plateau property. Using high-flying drone with great imagery, the video touts the land trust’s program of developing a comprehensive trail system that wraps around the Columbia Gorge,  Continue Reading »

Great land trust meeting with Sen. Ron Wyden

On Thursday, October 16th, 2014, 23 people from Oregon’s land trust community representing 12 different organizations, along with key business leaders in Oregon, met with our state’s senior Senator, Ron Wyden. The Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts had requested the meeting with the Senator to thank him for all his efforts to support conservation in  Continue Reading »