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Explore the stories in this year’s State of the Lands report

Below are the stories feature in this year’s report. Click on the pins to read more about each one. Back to State of the Lands main page.

Bright Future For Dark Canyon

Dark Canyon Creek Conservation Easement Blue Mountain Land Trust La Grande, Oregon For more than 100 years, Joe and Patti Cunha’s family worked this land running cattle. It’s a cursive landscape—streams and hills, salmon, and elk woven gracefully together on a working ranch along Dark Canyon Creek outside La Grande in Northeast Oregon. In the  Continue Reading »

A family legacy

Thurston Hills Natural Area & Community Forest The Trust for Public Land Springfield, Oregon Forested land arcing around the city of Springfield will now stay that way forever. “It’s a heck of a lot better than the alternative,” said Hugh Gray. Gray’s great-great-grandfather—an explorer and scout for wagon trains—homesteaded the property more than 150 years ago.  Continue Reading »

Working Lands Reborn

Gilchrist Forest The Conservation Fund Klamath County, Oregon “This was a labor of love,” said Evan Smith, senior vice president for conservation ventures with The Conservation Fund. Eight years ago, he and others started working on a plan to return an over-harvested timber stand to a more balanced working landscape. In 2010, the 48,000-acre Gilchrist  Continue Reading »

Reconnecting Rivers, Restoring Life

Green Island and the Willamette Confluence McKenzie River Trust and The Nature Conservancy Eugene, Oregon Green Island McKenzie River Trust Coburg, Oregon Seven out of ten Oregonians live within 20 miles of the banks of the Willamette River. The McKenzie River Trust (MRT) understands the importance of the river to Oregonians, and decided to undertake  Continue Reading »

Connecting the Space Between

Gorge Towns to Trails Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust Columbia River Gorge   Over pints of dark beer, Kevin Gorman unfurls a well-loved map of the Columbia Gorge and, with a paperclip, traces the green protected areas. It’s the spaces between the green he’s interested in. As executive director of Friends of the  Continue Reading »

Growing Community

Alder Creek Farm Lower Nehalem Community Trust Nehalem, Oregon   Community gardens and land trusts don’t usually land in the same sentence. But after talking to Dale Cramer Burr, it’s hard to remember why not. “Bringing the community in and engaging in this way has everything to do with being stewards of our land,” she  Continue Reading »

Land Trusts as a Sign of American Vitality

Originally posted on by G. Tracy Mehan, III; May 22, 2014 The growth of the private land trust movement in the United States has often been cited as a premier example of Alexis de Tocqueville’s insight regarding the American genius for forming voluntary associations to achieve common goals, avoiding both the perils of hyper-individualism and an  Continue Reading »

Southern Oregon and McKenzie Land Trust

In 2013 Southern Oregon Land Conservancy gave our Conservation Award to a person who is very special to our organization: Jud Parsons. Jud has continually emphasized retention, protection and promotion of wildlife habitat and protection of riparian and water resources on the lands under his care. Maintaining the historical legacy of his grandfather and many  Continue Reading »