Conservation is Climate Action

Ponderosa pine at Metolius preserve by Tyler Roemer

New climate guide released

Download your copy of COLT’s new guide, Conservation is Climate Action that highlights the importance of our lands and waters in helping curb climate change and includes six ways caring for the land is part of the climate solution.

Research shows that, in addition to reducing carbon emissions, we can help curb climate change by giving our natural world the support it needs to fight back. Conserving forests, grasslands and wetlands helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere, all while empowering local communities and protecting important plant and wildlife species. So in this pivotal moment for our planet, we’re spreading the word: conservation is climate action!


  • Speak out: Tell your elected officials to prioritize conservation
  • Vote: Cast your ballot in favor of policies that protect Oregon’s land
  • Volunteer: Contact your local land trust to get involved
  • Contribute: Support the work of your land trust to help fight the climate crisis
Kelley Beamer

Kelley Beamer

Kelley's our Executive Director for the Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts and has over 15 years of experience leading collaborative efforts that support conservation.

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