Wildfire news and ways to help

by Nick Wagner

Friends and colleagues,
Wildfires are raging across the state right now and I’m thinking of you all. I’ve been on the phone with some of you and we know this is impacting folks personally, the communities we serve, and our treasured landscapes. First and foremost, we hope you and your loved ones are safe.

We are in this together. Already we’ve seen McKenzie River Trust, Greenbelt Land Trust and Deschutes Land Trust stepping up to help their local communities. You’ll find ways to help and resources, below.

I know this is scary. But we are resilient. Our lands are resilient. Fire is a natural part of our ecosystems and we’re hopeful Oregon’s lands will recover. However, in many areas, these wildfires are extreme—burning hotter and are more severe than they would have historically, often as a result of a changing climate and decades of fire suppression. Many of our special places, and our communities, will be changed and will need our work, management, passion and advocacy more than ever. We will get through it. Heartfelt thanks to Oregon’s firefighters, logistics crews, health officials, evacuation volunteers and all the caring individuals stepping up to support our communities in need. Including you!

Stay safe.

Ways to help—ideas from COLT members

Fire map, resources & news

Kelley Beamer

Kelley Beamer

Kelley's our Executive Director for the Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts and has over 15 years of experience leading collaborative efforts that support conservation.

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