Fire in the West: Film Screenings this September

Wildfire is a part of life in Oregon and across the West, and fire is a critical piece of our work as land trusts and land managers. With the past years’ early and more intense fire season, it’s hard not to wonder how we got here and what the future of fire might look like—especially in a changing climate.

This September, Coalition of Oregon Land Trust’s Climate Alliance is diving into the connections between conservation, wildfire, and the lands we all cherish in a two-part virtual film screening of The West is Burning (9/23) and Catching Fire: Prescribed Burning in Northern California (9/30). Join us for these films’ unique insights into forest management and wildfire responses, as well as panel discussions with experts in the field following each screening.

The West is Burning

September 23, 3-5pm PST

The West is Burning raises awareness about the conditions of forests in the western U.S. This feature film tells the history of forest management and litigation that led to the current conditions which are causing catastrophic fire nearly year-round. The film explores the urgent need to act now, and the potential to generate positive change in our forests, watersheds, and communities, both rural and urban.



A forest floor burns

Catching Fire: Prescribed Burning in Northern California

September 30, 3-5pm PST

Catching Fire: Prescribed Burning in Northern California is a full-length documentary telling the compelling story of how a small but committed group of local, tribal, state and federal land managers are bringing back the use of prescribed fire as a tool to protect communities and ecosystems across Northern California. Indigenous people have long understood that humans have a reciprocal relationship with the natural world. Traditional land management included burning to refresh and regenerate food, fiber, and medicinal plants and reduce the risk of more dangerous wildfires.


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Kelsey Kuhnhausen

Kelsey Kuhnhausen

Kelsey is COLT's Communications Manager.

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